The Charcuterie industry is one that is highly underrepresented.  Even the term “charcuterie” is a name foreign to most people in this country.  However, there are many familiar foods that fall into the category of charcuterie that many people crave, love, and have grown up with.  If you like bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, or even holiday ham; you are a fan of charcuterie.
     The truth is there is no American word that encapsulates all of the different preparations that the French term charcuterie does.  So, Americans have been stuck with a word that few truly understand, and when people don’t understand something, they usually stay away from it.  Straw stick & Brick Delicatessen is a destination for all people to come and discover just how many of their favorite foods are classified in the culinary world as charcuterie.
     The term Salumi is a bit more familiar.  Even if you haven’t heard the word until now, you have probably already realized that it sounds a lot like ‘salami’.
     Made famous by the Italians, the art of Salumi represents years of tradition and recipes passed down from generation to generation among family members.  What makes salumi unique is the curing process followed by months, and in some cases even years of dry aging.  It is this lengthy process that gives products like prosciutto, salami, and Spanish chorizo their incredibly complex flavor and aroma.